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Technical Notes
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Technical Notes & Calculators

Technical Note #1 - ELISA Assay Validation

Parallelism, linearity-of-dilution and spike-and-recovery experiments are essential validation studies that assess the ability of the ELISA assay to measure the true (ie. accurate) amount of antigen in the sample.

Technical Note #2 - ELISA Data Analysis

Choosing an appropriate non-linear calibration curve regression model is essential for accurate ELISA data analysis, because immunoassays usually do not follow a linear dose-response relationship.

Technical Note #3 - A Guide to Flow Cytometry Experimental Design

Planning a Flow Cytometry experiment requires knowledge about the protein target of interest, the right antibody and appropriate controls.

Technical Note #4 - Acid-Extraction of BDNF From Brain Tissue

Acid-extraction can be used as an alternative tissue extraction method to release BDNF, which can be bound to its receptors and chaperons within many tissues. Samples prepared following this protocol can be assayed for BDNF content by ELISA and also used in Western Blotting to assess BDNF protein expression.

Calculator #1 - Quantification of Antigen Amount in Tissues and Lysates by ELISA

Need a hand in calculating antigen amount in tissue homogenates or cell lysates? Make sense of your ELISA data and get your results publication-ready with this simple Excel spreadsheet-based calculator.
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