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Alzheimer's Disease & Soluble Oligomers


Dear Doctor Krolikowski,

A recent study by Clare Rusbridge¹ and colleagues examining the link between the amyloid beta oligomers and behavioral defects in aging dogs reinforces the need for continued study of amyloid beta oligomers (oAβ) in Alzheimer's Disease.

¹Rusbridge C., et al (2018) "An Aged Canid with Behavioral Deficits Exhibits Blood and Cerebrospinal Fluid Amyloid Beta Oligomers" Frontiers in Aging Neuroscience.

Biosensis Oligomeric Aβ (oAβ) ELISA Kit

Biosensis' Oligomeric Amyloid beta (oAβ) ELISA Kit
(BEK-2215-1P) is built upon the anti-amyloid monoclonal MOAB-2 (M-1586-100). This is the only oligomeric amyloid beta ELISA to take advantage of MOAB-2's high specificity and avidity for beta amyloid peptides and combine it in a proprietary formulation that allows for the detection of amyloid beta oligomers and complexes present in transgenic mouse and human CSF and brain tissue extracts.

Furthermore, Biosensis continues to offer additional amyloid beta related products that hope to further your Alzheimer's and amyloid beta disease research including:
Oligomeric Human beta-Amyloid Aβ1-42 Peptide Standard, Stabilized (PE-1750-1000). This highly reproducible standard allows researchers to optimize extraction and quantitation results for improved assay performance and reliability.

Beta-Amyloid Human, Aβ1-42 Peptide, HFIP-treated (PE-1749-50). Use the same HFIP-treated, Aβ1-42 peptide for all your experimental needs! Highly purified and complete with protocols for the "at will" manufacture of unaggregated, fibrillar, or oligomeric forms of Aβ1-42.

MOAB-2 Mouse  Monoclonal Antibody to Aβ Peptide (Aβ1-40/42) (M-1586-100). Use the only truly amyloid specific, non-APP cross reacting, amyloid monoclonal available for clear, accurate and astoundingly easy amyloid detection. Also available as biotinylated antibody (M-1742-50-B).

Amylo-Glo RTD Amyloid Plaque Stain Reagent (TR-300-AG) and (TR-400-AG w/counterstain). Amylo-Glo RTD is the only UV channel excitable, exceptionally bright, yet fade resistant plaque stain available, and it comes complete with double and triple labeling protocols for all your plaque analysis needs.  

ApoE/Aβ Complex ELISA kit (
BEK-2224-1P). Explore new ground and examine the potential research surrounding ApoE's role in Aβ research with Biosensis ground breaking ApoE/Aβ ELISA based on pioneering work out of University of Illinois, Chicago.