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Characterization of a Novel Transgenic Rat Model


Cerebral amyloid angiopathy (CAA) often accompanies Alzheimer's Disease and is linked to cognitive impairment and dementia. Davis J et al.* have recently characterized a novel transgenic rat model of CAA (rTg-DI), useful for investigating the molecular parthenogenesis of this disease. This study was supported by our unique Amylo-Glo RTD Amyloid Plaque Tracing Reagent.

*Davis J et al. (2018). A Novel Transgenic Rat Model of Robust Cerebral
Microvascular Amyloid with Prominent Vasculopathy. Am J Pathol 2018 Dec;188(12):2877-2889.

Formation of microvascular amyloid deposits is detected by Amylo-Glo staining reagent (blue). Perivascular neuroinflammation accompanies amyloid plaque formation in transgenic rat brain, as evidenced by increase of reactive astrocytes (green, A and B) and activated microglia (green, C and D). Red: cerebral microvessels. Figure courtesy of Davis J et al., (2018).

Amylo-Glo Ready-to-Dilute (RTD) Tracing Reagent (TR-300-AG) is a unique UV excitable and exceptional bright stain suitable for double- and triple-staining experiments in fresh, frozen and formalin-fixed tissues.

Also available from Biosensis: Amylo-Glo RTD Staining Reagent with Ethidium Bromide counterstain (TR-400-AG).

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