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The Complex(ity) of Alzheimer?s Disease


Lipoproteins such as ApoE and ApoJ (clusterin) are known to form complexes with amyloid β and toxic Aβ oligomers. A recent study by Oh et al. (2018) demonstrated significant lower oligomeric Aβ levels in clusterin-deficient 5xFAD mice as opposed to 5xFAD control mice. This was only seen in young, but not in aged mice, suggesting that clusterin contributes to toxic Aβ actions in early stages of AD.

Oh SB et al. (2018) "Clusterin contributes to early stage of Alzheimer's disease pathogenesis." Brain Pathol. 2018 Oct 8.
This exciting result was obtained with our unique Oligomeric Aβ ELISA Kit (BEK-2215), which uses Aβ1-40/42-specific MOAB-2 antibody for preferential detection of oligomeric Aβ. MOAB-2 antibody (M-1586-100) is highly specific for Aβ peptides, and does not cross-react with APP!
Also available from Biosensis: Biotinylated MOAB-2 antibody (M-1742-50-B) and ApoE/Aβ Complex ELISA Kit (BEK-2224).
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