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Our New Fluorescent Dyes will Brighten Your Day!


Experience the easiest way to capture energy storage, signaling, cell metabolism and major structural components of all cellular membranes!

Biosensis’ new range of fluorescence imaging reagents are superb tools to image

·      Polar lipids (TR-600-P1)

·      Endoplasmic reticulum (TR-601-ER1 and TR-605-ER2)

·      Mitochondria (TR-602-MR)

·      Lipid-rich compartments (TR-603-P2)

Comparison of Biosensis ER-O™ Endoplasmic Reticulum Tracing Reagent (TR-601-ER1) with a competitor product (ER-Tracker™, upper panel). Merged image demonstrates identical staining patterns, but unlike ER-Tracker™, ER-O™ can be used to stain the endoplasmic reticulum in live and fixed tissues without any loss of signal (lower panel).



These unique dyes are characterized by compatibility with other fluorescent dyes and antibodies, usability on live and fixed samples, excellent photo-stability, low cytotoxicity, large Stokes Shift, and rapid cellular uptake.

Please download our product flyer for a complete product comparison!

As an introductory offer, Biosensis customers will receive 15% off their first order for above products. Please send your order to and quote CELLIMAGE15%*.
*One order per customer, valid until 31st March, 2019.