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Fluoro-Jade C Staining Kit


Fluoro-Jade C (TR-100-FJ) stains all degenerating neurons regardless of specific insult or mechanism of cell death. The quality, reliability, simplicity and resulting beautiful images are just some of the reasons why your peers continue to choose Fluoro-Jade C! Get great results that go straight into your poster, thesis or journal submission.
Each kit is available in easy to use 'Ready-To-Dilute' liquid formats eliminating the tedious and messy preparation steps
See the results of already published work here

Image reference: Ramesh G et al. (2015 Am J Pathol 185(5):1344-60). Degenerating neuronal axons in a dorsal root entering the DRG and degenerating neurons in the DRG of an infected rhesus macaque as stained by Fluoro-Jade C (green). Cell nuclei stained with TOPRO3 (blue).

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