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Have your Neurons been active recently?


Neurons live an exciting life from development to adulthood. The ability to follow their route from neurogenesis (doublecortin) to maturity (NeuN/Fox3) with neuronal cell markers, and investigating their physiological role when activated (c-Fos), is crucial to gain an understanding how neuronal and non-neuronal cells interact. Biosensis' validated antibodies will support your research to find out what your neurons are 'up to'!

The key features of our neuronal marker antibodies are:
  • Validated for multiple applications - IHC, ICC and WB, backed up by publications in high quality journals and rigorous in-house testing. 
  • Mouse, rabbit and sheep hosts - maximum flexibility for your multi-labeling experiments
  • Quality performance - high signal and low background 
  • Highest sensitivity - dilutions of 1:2,000 to 1:50,000 will make your antibody go a long way  

Validated by Experts and Published in High-Profile Journals
Our antibodies have been successfully used for a variety of applications, for instance:
Journal Application
Santos J et al., (2017), Int J Stem Cells. 10(2):193-217. WB (M-377-100)
Han YC et al., (2016), Stem Cells Int. 2016:4304916. IF (M-377-100)
Hao XZ et al., (2016), J Neuroinflammation. 13(1):156 IHC (R-3770-100)
Saha M, et al., (2013), J Neurosci. 33(43):17182-7. IHC (R-3770-100)

c-Fos and NeuN/FOX3 Research Reagents from Biosensis
Target Host Purity Reactivity Applications Clone Cat#
c-FOS (2-17) Sheep AP
Human, rat, mouse, rabbit, hamster IHC   S-045-50
rh c-FOS
rh c-FOS
Human, rat, mouse, chicken, pig, cow, horse IHC, ICC, WB 2H2 M-1752-100
NeuN/Fox 3 (1-99)
NeuN/Fox 3 (1-99)
Human, rat, mouse, cow, pig ICC, WB 1B7 M-377-100

Also available from Biosensis
Target Host Purity Reactivity Applications  Clone Cat#
Fox1/A2BP1 Mouse IgG Human, rat, mouse, cow ICC, WB 1G10 M-1688-100
Doublecortin (DCX) Mouse Rat ICC, WB 3E1 M-1648-100
Phospho TrkB S478/S479 Rabbit AP Human, mouse IHC, WB   R-1718-50

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