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New IBA1 Microglial Marker Antibody


Ionized Calcium-Binding Adaptor Molecule 1 (IBA1), also known as Allograft Inflammatory Factor 1 (AIF-1), is a well-characterized marker for brain microglia under both, normal and pathological conditions. Biosensis has expanded its range of cell marker antibodies with a NEW rabbit antibody to IBA1 (R-1817-50). The key features of the NEW IBA1 antibody are:
•    Validated for western blotting and immunohistochemistry
•    Superb signal with clean background
•    Detects human and rodent IBA1
•    Excellent sensitivity allows high antibody dilutions

Left Image: Confocal image of rat cerebellar molecular layer at top and granular layer below. Microglia in their "surveilling" state demonstrate a small cell soma with fine, elongated processes spreading in three dimensions (green, R-1817-50, 1:1,000). Red: MAP2-immunoreactivity in processes of Purkinje cells and the perikarya of granule cells (C-1382-50, 1:5,000). Blue: DAPI nuclear stain.
Right Image: Western blot analysis of tissue homogenates using rabbit anti-IBA1 antibody (1:1,000). Lane 1: Molecular weight standard; Lane 2: mouse brain; Lane 3: rat brain; Lane 4: mouse spleen; Lane 5: rat spleen. IBA1 band appears at ~15-17 kDa on the blot. IBA1 is a relatively minor protein of brain and is much more abundant in spleen, as evidenced by different band intensities. The other bands seen in the CNS homogenates are of unknown origin, but do not appear to compromise the migroglia-specific staining seen with this antibody.

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