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Dear Doctor Krolikowski,     
30 years ago, the extracellular domain of the NGF receptor, p75ECD was proposed as a biomarker of neurological disease and trauma (Johnson et al, 1988). New studies have now shown an important correlation between urinary p75ECD levels and disease progression in ALS/MND (Shepheard et al, 2017). Diagnosis, prognosis and drug development are all made easier by quantifying p75ECD. Analysis of p75ECD in urine, blood and csf is proving beneficial for several other diseases (Alzheimer's, thyroid cancer, Glioma).
Biosensis leads p75ECD analysis with its human NGFR/p75ECD Rapid™ ELISA kit (Cat No: BEK-2219):
  • Limit of detection < pg/ml - The most sensitive ELISA available
  • Assay range of 7.8 - 500 pg/ml - Reliably quantify low-abundant p75ECD
  • Fastest assay - Get your results in less than 4 hours without compromising on accuracy
  • ELISA built on monoclonal antibodies - avoid lot-to-lot variability seen with polyclonal antibodies, for superior assay reproducibility
  • Validated for multiple sample applications - Serum, plasma, CSF, brain and cell extracts and more
  • Strip-well format - use only what you need for today's experiment
  • Complete kit - with pre-coated plates, standards, buffers, heterophilic antibody blockers and precise instructions
  • Validated by Biosensis and independent leading research laboratories
  • Mouse and Rat specifc kits - also available with validated data

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p75NTR Research Antibodies
Target  Host  Purity  Conjugate         Reactivity        Applications     Clone      Code            
Ms IgG Unconjugated  Rat IHC, WB, IF, FACS, FLOW, IP
MC192* M-006-100

Ms IgG Unconjugated Hu, Cat, Dog, Pig, Rb, Sh IHC, WB, IF, FACS, FLOW
Me20.4* M-011-100
Rb Ws Unconjugated Hu, Rat IHC, IF
N/A R-089-100
Rb Ws Unconjugated     Hu, Rat, Ms IHC      
N/A R-150-100
* Also available as FITC and Atto-488 conjugates for IHC, IF, FACS and FLOW

p75NTR Research Proteins
Protein                             Expression  System                        Amino   Acids     Quantity    Code   
Human p75NTR-Fc  Chimera       
Mammalian (HEK293) 1-237 15 μg PE-1237-15
Human p75NTR-Fc Chimera  Mammalian (HEK293) 1-237 25 μg PE-1237-25     
Human p75NTR-Fc Chimera  Mammalian (HEK293) 1-250 25 μg PE-1237-25 
Human p75NTR-Fc Chimera  Mammalian (CHO) 1-224 25 μg PE-1704-25