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New NGFR/p75NTR Antibody Clone 8J2 Replaces MLR2


Antibody clone 8J2 (M-1818-100) was developed specifically as a replacement for clone MLR2, which has been made no longer available for commercial use by Flinders University. Antibody reactivity for clone 8J2 has been validated for human, mouse and rat extracellular domain of p75NTR. Broad species reactivity is expected.
Fully characterized for WB, FLOW, IHC, IP, PANNING and more...

Comparison clones 8J2 vs. MLR2. Top left and right images: Flow Cytometry analysis on human SHSY-5Y and rat C6 cell lines. Bottom left image: Western blotting on human and rodent RIPA cell lysates: A: Mouse p75NTR-transfected cells. B: Non-transfected control cells. C: Human SH-SY5Y. D: Rat C6. Bottom right image: Immunprecipitation from rat C6 cells with clones 8J2 and MLR2. A: Precipitated p75NTR. B: Remaining supernatant. C: Protein G agarose only control.

Above images: Analysis of p75NTR expression in non-permeabilized rat C6 cells by Immunocytochemistry. Both antibodies reveal punctuate membrane staining of p75NTR receptor. Magnification: 100x.

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