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Toxic Aβ25-35 Peptide Compromises Blood-Brain-Barrier Int


Dear Researcher,
A recent study conducted by Cuevas E et al., 2019 investigated the toxicity of Aβ25-35 peptide in a rat Blood-Brain-Barrier (BBB) model. A comprehensive number of cellular and biochemical assays demonstrated that BBB dysfunction may contribute to AD pathology, involving the receptor for advanced glycation end products (RAGE). Aβ-immunoreactivity in rat brain microvascular endothelial cells (rBMVECs) was detected using Biosensis’ Aβ antibody clone MOAB-2 (6C3).

Figure a: Aβ25-35 – induced morphological changes of rBMVECs. Figure b: Analysis of RAGE (green) and Aβ (red) expression in an in vitro rat BBB model by fluorescent microscopy. Co-localization is seen as yellow color. Courtesy of Cuevas E et al., 2019.

Antibody clone MOAB-2 (6C3) is a pan-specific Aβ1-40/42 peptide antibody which does not cross-react with APP. Its suitability for Western Blotting, Immunohistochemistry, Immunofluorescence and Immunoprecipitation is backed up by a growing number of quality publications. Find out more here.

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Why pay more? Get publication-worthy data at a fair price! We maintain warehouses in the USA and Australia for prompt delivery of MOAB-2 (Clone 6C3) antibody. Email, phone or fax in your order (1-800-605-5127 USA/Canada or +61 8 8352 7711 rest of world) or buy online.

Good luck with your research,

The Biosensis Team