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Heterophilic antibody blocker for BEK-2226 & BEK-2218 and similar ELISA assays


Catalogue No. BL-003-1000
Description BL-003-1000 contains a proprietary mixture of proteins and buffer reagents designed to reduce heterophilic interactions in ELISA assays utilizing a combination of sheep and mouse immunoreagents.

Following ELISA assays in the Biosensis RapidTM ELISA range have been validated to achieve accurate results using BL-003-1000:

BEK-2226, Human proNGF; Application: Serum, Heparin-Plasma
BEK-2218, Human NT4/5; Application: Citrate-Plasma

One vial of BL-003-1000 contains 1000 g IgG which is sufficient as sample diluent additive for one 96-well plate.

Other ELISA assays that use sheep and mouse assay antibodies may also benefit from addition of blocker BL-003-1000, but require optimization of working concentration and assay validation for accurate results.
Related products BEK-2226-1P, Human proNGF RapidTM ELISA
BEK-2226-2P, Human proNGF RapidTM ELISA
BEK-2218-1P, Human NT4/5 RapidTM ELISA
BEK-2218-2P, Human NT4/5 RapidTM ELISA
Batch No. See product label.
Unit size 1000 g
Applications Immunoassay blocker to reduce or eliminate heterophilic antibody interference in sandwich ELISA assays for validated sample applications.
Form Lyophilized.
Appearance White powder.
Reconstitution 1) Reconstitute with 1 mL assay diluent buffer to achieve a blocker stock concentration of 1000 g/mL.
2) Dilute this stock buffer further with 24 mL assay diluent buffer to obtain the blocker working concentration of 40 g/mL. Refer to RapidTM ELISA kit protocol for further details.

The working concentration of this HA blocker needs to be optimized by the end-user for other ELISA assays.
Storage Store unopened vial at 2-8C.
Expiry Date 12 months after purchase (unopened vial).
Kit protocol Click to download the kit protocolBL-003-1000_as_at_Sep2017.pdf
PDF Data Sheet

Click to download the data sheet - Click to download the Data Sheet


Click to download the MSDS - Click to download the MSDS

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