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Alpha Synuclein: a Parkinson's Disease Biomarker


Dear Researcher,

Aggregated α-synuclein and in particular it’s oligomeric form, is well known as the primary component in Lewy body fibrils, and these fibrils are a classic pathology symptom of Parkinsons’ Disease (Klatt et al., 2020). Both monomeric and oligomeric α-synuclein, can be detected in a range of biological samples including, cerebrospinal fluid, blood plasma, saliva and red blood cells (RBC). However, finding an assay that measures accurate amounts of α-synuclein from a specific biological sample is often challenging, as described in a recent study. Klatt et al., (2020), noted that not only is optimizing protein extraction important but employing an assay that measures the accurate concentration of an analyte, such as α-synuclein from RBC is vital.
Biosensis is addressing the need for reliable and accurate quantification of α-synuclein with it’s recently released RapidTM ELISA Kit for this important target (BEK-2216).

The Biosensis α-synuclein RapidTM ELISA Kit BEK-2216 features:
·    Real validation data on accurate quantification in human blood and CSF
·     Low intra- and inter-assay CVs of < 10%
·     Complete kit with precise instructions
·     Fast (< 4 hours) and reliable assay performance
·    Excellent batch-to-batch consistency

For a limited time only Biosensis offers a 2-plate kit for the price of a 1-plate kit*. That's a saving of US$368.50!

For more details on our α-synuclein RapidTM ELISA Kit, please find our protocol here, or contact us at

Good Luck with your research,

The Biosensis Team

*One order per customer, direct customers only. Quote “SYNUCLEIN” on your order and send to Offer valid until June 30, 2020.